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Dec 13, 2006


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With Patrick Macias, recorded live on December 9th, 2006.

Mini Disc
This week we talked with Patrick Macias; a japan based journalist. Who gave us insight to the music, social and dress culture in Japan. Plus he shared his experiences as an interviewer for the many books he's published in Japan over the years. Listen and find out what kind of insight he provided, and hear about some of the best places to go while you're in Japan!

Check out his books (on! ...his blog, the Japanese page for his latest book OTAKU IN USA and the homepage for Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo-Tokyo!

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    seventeen and a half years ago

    Awesome podcast thanks to the interview subject! I really enjoy his work.
    He said, and I am paraphrasing, that \"America became a bunch of wimps. They lost the war and became cry babies. Napoleon Dynamite is the poster child of America.\"
    I have to disagree. If anything, 9/11 woke the dumb gorilla that was bent on destruction without rhyme or reason. (Those can be manufactured later.) I don\'t think the world sees the US as a bunch of cry babies. Quite the opposite in fact; I think the world sees the US as that really dumb drunk guy who is really large, really strong and just breaks the place. And when he wakes up, he says he\'s sorry and gets his Dad to pay for the damages. Until he gets drunk again. Are you with me so far?
    As for Napoleon D being the poster child? Totally not. That is the charm of ND. He is so NOT typical of the American archetype: he\'s a loser who comes out the winner.
    Anyway, if I offended Macias or the OG crew, I apologize. I didn\'t mean it. In fact, forget I said anything. Please don\'t hurt me.
    Love, OsakaJack. (As in that brotherly love, not the \'let\'s hug so we heal\' love. Though...never mind.)