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Jun 29, 2005


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With our guest Where's the Buffet, recorded live on June 28th, 2005.
Where's the Buffet shares their stories and experiences with us, as a panelist group and as friends. Get an inside look at what it takes to be a panelist.

Otaku News

Jun 22, 2005


[update] So I heard there's a leveling problem. So I put the show through a compressor. I hope this solves the issue. The podcast file has been updated.

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With our guest Vic Boruta (aka Vicbond007), recorded live on June 21st, 2005.

Vic Bond...

Jun 15, 2005


We recorded our first show tonight (well June 14th, 2005). During all our tests and rehersals, everything was well balanced and sounded great.
However, for some reason the first show was recorded with at too high of a recording level. So when all said and done, it's not the greatest sounding.
I found the problem, and...

About us....

Jun 9, 2005

Otaku Generation is comprised of several people... myself (Alan Chaess), Paul Shewchuk, Aaron Wolfrom, Todd "Tech Guru" George, Robin, Kurrene, and always a fresh posse of people hanging out during the recording sessions.

We are a varying bunch of students, otaku and geeks.

Currently the plan is to release a new podcast...


Jun 8, 2005

So tonight we had our first rehersal... After the doing the rehersal a second time, things went way smoother. Unfortunately.. I'm stupid... and didn't plug-in in the line-in cable coming from the mixer. So only the last 30 mins of the second rehersal was recorded. Anyhow.. that's not important... we're not planning...