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Oct 25, 2006


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With Brett Ryans, recorded live on October 23rd, 2006.

Brett Ryans
This week we talked with Brett Ryans (, a fan-artist extraordinaire!! We chatted about his drawing style, fan-art, and he shared some artist alley stories. Albert finally received a copy of the OG DVD, hear what he had to say... and hear our a new segment, plus we had a new Fanboy Forecast from Bryce! Listen to the show this week... like cracker jack, there's a surprise inside!

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The Queen of Wank by Anne Packrat (english impression by Mike H.)

The OG LamePoll by Alan
This is an application Alan built long ago... so we're going to put it to use... Take this weeks new LamePoll!!! (the poll ends on the Monday of the recording, will we mention the results on the new show. If you're interested, you can see last week's poll results here.

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    Grant McLellan
    seventeen and a half years ago

    Did you really have to talk about me, I\'m not like that anymore...which is a good thing