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Jan 31, 2007


NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugenerationotakugeneration LJ community.

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With the I.P. Show, recorded live on January 29th, 2007.

owww ahhh
This week, we had a theme and quickly forgot all about it. Regardless, listen to the skypes, feedbacks and such we received this week. Plus we have a special review by Bryce and more. So, download and hear what we talked about! Oh and see if you can figure out what the title means. =D

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OG Mash-up / Remix contest
The contest is done. We will pick the winner next week, stay tuned!

The OG LamePoll by Alan
This is an application Alan built long ago... so we're going to put it to use... Take this weeks new LamePoll!!! (the poll ends on the Monday of the recording, will we mention the results on the new show. If you're interested, you can see last week's poll results here.

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Convention Schedule (1.0) by Anne Packrat

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Reviews (2.0) by Kyle and Bryce :: (

Video Shares of the Week by Alan :: (

Fanboy Forecast (1.0) by Bryce :: (

3-Word (1.0) by Kip
Go to the 3-Word forum thread and add to the story!

Gadget Reviews (1.0) by Todd :: (

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Join us next week... for something... only TED knows!!! More awesomeness and strange forms of podcasting! There will be a new show on Wednesday, so "podcast-in" with us! You know you'll want listen and see if there really is a "duckhole"! So, download us, give us a listen... and maybe we still won't explain the "3 more times" thing from AnimeUSA!! ...3 more times x 3 more times!!

It's still January (for like a day), which means ...time to vote for us for February!! [insert something here... hopefully not lame... alan is still tired... give him a break =P] We appreciate the votes , donations, and comments even if we don't read them on the show... umm.. right votes... and iTunes reviews... at any of the following places:,,,, and/or Oh and always check out! Word-of-mouth advertising is also appreaciated. Thanks for the support, and the people who have been voting for us! You roxxorz Bryce's snuggle bunnz! ...they melt in your hand, not in your bite!! ..oh and maybe the show notes will be more accurate and with less carry-over errors... hmmm... nah!