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Nov 16, 2005


NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugenerationotakugeneration LJ community.

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With the Bob Babcock, recorded live on November 14th, 2005.

Bob Babcock MC-ing Iron Editor @ AWA 2005
This week we talked with Bob Babcock! What about BOB!!! Well listen to the podcast and find out! No seriously, we chatted about AMVs old skool and new skool! Get some insight on "who let the fros out" and hear all about Bob!

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Weekly Reviews by Kyle Dragon Ash and our new manga reviewer "Dan the Fan"

Gadget Reviews (with Tech Guru Todd)

Seldon Asked Questions and Urban Legends
Robin couldn't make it, so Dan filled in and shared with us what Robin had prepared.

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Join us next week as we will talk with Scott Melzer. STEAM the movie is finally done, and will chat about it and more! So podcast-in next Wednesday!

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