Justin and Dave asked... for some promos from us... so we're sharing it with others... in case they want them too. =D
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Justin and Dave asked... and they shall receive... well they already have. =D
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This is a slightly better sounding version of the first promo.

Please use this version instead of the first one. I will leave both online for preference, but this is the version I prefer to be heard.

Thanks. Enjoy and promote!

Podcamp Philly, this promotion is for you!

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Just the first of many OtakuGeneration promos for the upcoming Podcamp Philly event.
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OtakuGeneration Podcast Promos I'm making this post, for other podcasters...

We've been getting a lot of requests for our promos. I was keeping a list on PodcastPromos.com, but it seems that forum was wiped or something... and the post is not there anymore.

Anyhow, here's the direct links to our promos we currently have available to the public:

27 sec :: Promo001
25 sec :: Promo002
21 sec :: Promo003
35 sec :: Promo005
41 sec :: Promo006
13 sec :: Promo007
14 sec :: Promo008
26 sec :: Promo009
19 sec :: Promo010
25 sec :: Promo011

Yes... I know Promo004 is missing... there's a reason for that... it was for Adam Curry... it was part II to Promo003.

Anyhow... If you use one of our promos, or have in the past, all I ask you to do, is contact us (otaku.generation@gmail.com), and/or comment on this post and let us know.

Thanks! Alan C.

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