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Aug 9, 2006


NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugenerationotakugeneration LJ community.

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With Otakon 2006 Highlights ...recorded live on August 7th, 2006.

z0M6 PWND0T4K0N!!1!
This week several listeners called in to give us their "OG SCOUT" reports live from Otakon 2006, plus Alan gave a few highlights as well. We had a ton of feedback, and we finally have a winner for the OG Character in the Envelope Contest. Listen to this week show to find out what happened!

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Mentioned Stuff and Link(s) (during the show)

Flame of the Week by Bryce :: (
Nothing to be "flipped this week"... direct any of your flames / hatred to Bryce at:, and he'll flip it to something amusing. Don't be nasty, or rude... this might not last as a segment idea, but we thought we'd give it a try.

OG "guess the character in the envelope" Contest
Bryce had a great idea for a contest...

The cast has picked an anime character, wrote it down on a piece of paper, and sealed it up in an envelope. You the listener must figure out who the "character in the envelope" is...

For this first week we just made the announcement of the contest. The prize will be a pack of goodies, a Lisa Ray CD, a T-Shirt from J-List, and maybe something more *hint*hint*cough*...

So you ask what are the rules? Well they're pretty simple. First off, we will only accept one guess per email, once a week. If you put more than one guess, in an email, we will only take the first guess.

You cannot enter more then once an week, and not more then once per email. Please pay attention to the use of the word "character", it could be a person, animal, car, mech, bryce, paul, a tree, a rock (assuming they are portrayed as "character" some how), almost anything.

Each week will reveal a little more about the "character in the envelope" in an anime, until some one guesses it right, and wins.

As usual listen to the show for more details, and email your guesses to:, and use the subject line of: OG CHARACTER IN THE ENVELOPE CONTEST

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Gadget Reviews by Todd :: (

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almost eighteen years ago

Wow! I feel like the comments section is like my own secret garden, full of the imaginative delights of a curious eleven year old boy. Full of the ponderings and musings that such little boys did, except I was a pervert when I was eleven. Man, I would have been all over that hentai manga if we had in way back in yesteryear. Not that anyone is going to be freaked out by this. Since no one is my secret little garden at the end of an OG blog post.

Now I know how Jefferson feels.