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Jul 13, 2005


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With our guest Joe Croasdaile, recorded live on July 11th, 2005.

Joe Croasdaile(picture courtesy of
Joe Croasdaile talks with us about being an AMV creator and video editor.

Along with our special guest Nathan Bezner. Nathan joins in on the phone with us this week, while we tried to interview Joe. This show ended up not being our normal show format... before we even started "recording" for the show... we spent most of our time talking and catching up. The recording of the show ran longer then usual, and we never kept strictly to the interview format... we totally derailed. I ended up cutting a lot of stuff out to keep the time down... and to make it sound more like our normal format.

One of these days, I think we will get a bunch of AMV creators together and just tell stories, and make that into one of the future shows, instead of a specific guest. =D

This week's show was a bit explicit. This is not something we're going to do every week. It just happened to work out that way; this week.

Otaku News

::: Firefly TV-Boxset Contest Details :::
Okay so here's what we thought of... We're going to run a photoshop contest.

Take a picture of Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) from the classic TV Series (Dukes of Hazzard), and then photoshop them into a picture from the FireFly TV Series.

Then the OtakuGeneration cast will pick their favorite, and we will send the winner the Firefly TV-Series Boxset.

We will only accept one submission per person.

Email your contest submission, to:

With the exact subject:
In the body of the message, put:
  • Your Name
  • Title of your entry
  • Your mailing address if you win.
USA and CANADA submissions only. Since I don't know what oversea shipping will cost. Sorry, just USA and CANADA submissions only.

This contest ends July 25th, 2005. Please have all submissions in by this date (before 12am July 26th, 2005).

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You can now leave us voicemail using Skype, at: otakugeneration or call: (610) 628.3154


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Join us next with our guest: Dave McKeen; get to know Dave, hear where he comes up with his ideas and hear how crazy he really is! So check us out next week!

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