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Mar 22, 2006


NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugenerationotakugeneration LJ community.

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With Jason Salce!!!! ...recorded live on March 20th, 2006.

This week we talked with an old skool fansubber, and AMV creator Jason Salce. We chatted about the old ways to fansub, some of the early days of Otakon, and even about the Patent office! Join us this week, as Robin has a surprise for us all! Plus, Aaron and gas express themselves together this week... lucky for you, we don't do a smell-cast!

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Gadget Reviews (with Tech Guru Todd)

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Join us next week, for more fun and entertainment! There will be a new show on Wednesday, so "podcast-in" with us! Trust me, you know we'll make you [insert dirty thoughts here]! What's [insert same dirty thoughts here]? It's when you [insert same dirty thoughts again] and yell "SURPRISE!!!"... minus the monkeys... and the hot dogs... Ummm... yeah... anyhow, download us and give us a listen... and maybe we'll make you [insert new dirty thoughts here]... or not.

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Sean D.
over sixteen years ago

Hey Alan, a gorilla is an ape! I\'m thinking a lemur... or one of the ones with a long tail...

Alan C.
over sixteen years ago

I\'m trying to picture this \"monkey\" it makes my head hurt, just thinking about it! o.O

over sixteen years ago

Sorry I\'ve sent so much Skype calls tonight Alan, I\'ve just started my account and wanted to test it by calling you guys. Sorry if I\'m a nuisance.

Sean D.
over sixteen years ago

Yeah, thanks for the offer, Z. It sucks that this happened, but this gives us some freedom to do more with da wiki. Look for it on the next show (I hope!) I\'m sure the show will get back on the \'pedia sooner or later. Have you been telling your friends to listen? >;)

Apocalypse Dowell
over sixteen years ago

Reverend Saggy, preach on, brother.

Alan C.
over sixteen years ago

hmmm... what kind of monkey? ...gorilla? tarshear?

over sixteen years ago

Hey dudes and dudette! I just came by to see if there\'s a new epi. and yay! Sorry I got my link wrong -_- The right one is at

I\'ll be listening shortly ^_^

over sixteen years ago

Yes, much woe upon us... :-(

Alan C.
over sixteen years ago

holy shiznit! and i just did something today.. in concern to this... wow... okay. so be it.

wait till next wednesday. ;)

Alan C.
over sixteen years ago

So like... someone finally killed the wiki... oh well it was funny, before I knew that they did it... I already began setting up another one.

Anyhow a pseudo-recovered version of the wiki is up. Just click on the wiki link, it will take you there.