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Jul 1, 2009


NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugenerationotakugeneration LJ community.

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With Karas, recorded live June 29th, 2009.

 ... Hello Panda! ...
For this week we discussed a movie we recently watched... Karas! Find out what we thought, then email us and share your thoughts as well. Plus, the usual segments, off-topic conversations, more taste testing and our upcoming thoughts for OTAKON. Join us this week, for more entertainment and another installment of our nerdtainment.

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OG Motivator Poster Contest
It's OVER! Now Alan just has to pick the goodies, and then we'll pick our favorite.... eventually. *whistles*

Bernhard Rants! (1.0) by Bernhard :: (
Bernhard entertains us this week with another delightful and humorous rant!

Promos / Break

Jefferson's Weird News (1.0) by Jefferson
This week Jefferson brings us some news that interests him...

Weekly DVD Releases (1.0) by Albert :: (

    • Colorful (2009 Edition)
    • D.Gray-man Season 1 Part 2
    • Darker Than Black Vol. #5
    • Jiburiru Second Coming Vol. #2
    • Kyo Kara Maoh! Season 1 Box Set
    • Moeyo Ken TV Series Complete Collection
    • Origin: Spirits of the Past Special Edition
    • Petite Princess Yucie Complete Collection
    • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension DVD Box 1
    • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension Vol. #01
    • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension Vol. #02
    • Romeo x Juliet Complete Collection Part 1

    • Ah My Buddha Vol. #3
    • Appleseed
    • Blade of the Phantom Master (Shin Angyo Onshi)
    • Angel Blade
    • Crimson Climax: Cursed Beginnings
    • Destined for Love: The Promise
    • Naughty College School Girls Vol. #01
    • Divergence Eve Seraphim Collection (2009 Edition)
    • Heroic Age Complete Series Part 2
    • Kaze no Stigma Complete Season 1 Part 1
    • Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Complete Collection (2009 Edition)
    • One Piece(Uncut) Season 2 Part 1
    • Samurai Champloo Complete Series Box Set

Fanboy Forecast (1.0) by Bryce :: (

Nickname ME! by Alan :: (
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