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Dec 31, 2008


NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugenerationotakugeneration LJ community.

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With the Holiday show, recorded live December 27th, 2008.

...mmm free cookies...
This week discussed two anime series Trigun and Outlaw Star. Plus Mckeed and Albert were here in person (who came early for new years), feedback, segments and more. Join us this week for the conversation, the fun and proof we were sober before the party got started. So, download this weeks show for another installment or our nerdy form or otakutainment.

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Mentioned Stuff and Link(s) (during the show)

OG "guess the character in the envelope" Contest
Bryce once and a while has a great idea for a contest... long ago... this was something we used to do. Now it's back!

We picked an anime character for the new-run of the contest... we wrote it down on a piece of paper, and sealed it up in an envelope. You the listener must figure out who the "character in the envelope" is...

The prize will be a pack of goodies, and maybe something more *hint*hint*cough*...

What are the rules? They're pretty simple. First off, we will only accept one guess per email, once a week. If you put more than one guess, in an email, we will only take the first guess.

You cannot enter more than once an week, and not more than once per email. Please pay attention to the use of the word "character", it could be a person, animal, a lobster pig, a monkey butler, a plant, a dog (assuming they are portrayed as "character" some how), almost anything... cept bryce; it can never be bryce! =D

Each week will reveal a little more about the "character in the envelope" in an anime, until someone guesses it right, and wins.

As usual listen to the show for more details, and email your guesses to:, and use the subject line of: OG CHARACTER IN THE ENVELOPE CONTEST

We insist at least 10 people give their guesses, before we give another clue.

NOTE: We will only count guesses that make it in before Monday at 5pm EST. If there any dups we will carry them over as your guess for the corresponding week. So get them in before Monday by 5pm EST! Only 1 guess allowed per week.

Have and enjoy!

Kyle's Cartoon Corner (1.0) by TV's Kyle :: (
Kyle educates, enlightens us about cartoons!

    Lake Kyle
    • If you saw MooBeard the Cow Pirate and liked it... send a post card and tell Nicklodeon!

      231 West Olive Avenue
      Burbank, CA 91502

      Tell them... "I would like to see more MooBeard please!"

    Send us or Kylenames of the cartoons you always wanted to know more about but were fraid to ask!
    ...and he'll answer your questions only the way TV's Kylecan!

Promos / Break

Jefferson's Weird News (1.0) by Jefferson
This week Jefferson brings us some news that interests him...

Weekly DVD Releases (1.0) by Albert :: (

    • Area 88 TV Series Complete Collection
    • Black Lagoon Season 1 Box Set
    • Death Note Vol. #8+Limited Edition
    • Glass Fleet Box Set
    • Kiss in the Dark
    • Nurse Witch Komugi Complete Collection
    • Professor Pain
    • Pumpkin Scissors Vol. #6
    • Red Garden Vol. #6
    • Step Up Love Story Collection
    • Welcome to the NHK Season 1 Part 2
    • Welcome to the NHK Vol. #6

Fan Reviews (1.0) by you the listeners :: (
This week we heard from Andrew!

  • (movie) :: Old Boy by Andrew (Ryoko Money Bags)

Fanboy Forecast (1.0) by Bryce :: (

Nickname ME! by Alan :: (
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