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Feb 20, 2008


NOTE: This was also cross posted in the otakugenerationotakugeneration LJ community.

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With OLDSKOOL, recorded live February 181th, 2008.

This week we kept the show short, we read feedback, responded and so on... by this point you should know us well enough, that didn't keep us from prattling on all night... but don't fret! We had a bunch of fan reviews and weekly segments. Not to mention we chatted a bit with Jefferson about his weekend at Katsucon. So catch up with us this week, for what's new in OG-ville.

We introduced a LIVE video stream while we record... for all of you stalkers... as well as talkshoe. So now you have a couple options to interact with us while we record the weekly show.

NEWS: Vas built something unique for IE7 and FF 2.0 users... a search option for OGlink (click here) and shortner (also click here) that will let you get to the shortner/oglink redirect pages quicker! Check it out!

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Convention Schedule (1.0) by Anne Packrat

Fan Reviews (1.0) by you the listeners :: (
we had a couple...

Promos / Break

Figurine Review (1.0) by :: (

Weekly Anime DVD Releases (1.0) by Albert :: (

  • Dragon Ball Z Bardock/Trunks Double Feature
  • Dragon Ball Z Season 4 Box Set
  • Girls High Complete Collection
  • Moonlight Mile Vol. #1
  • Night Shift Nurses: Experiment Vol. #3
  • One Piece Movie 08: Episode of Alabaster
  • Tokyo Majin Vol. #2+Artbox
  • Welcome to the NHK Vol. #3
  • Zegapain Vol. #3

Fanboy Forecast (1.0) by Bryce :: (

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fourteen and a half years ago

Hey guys, great show! Love listening to your rants and raves as I weld my little heart out. It may be hot and humid in my little welding suit but you guys are cool...anyway, wish I could visit my first con (any con) to experience the joy that are the \"naru-tards\" but I fear I may be too old and decrepit already. How time flies! Keep up the good work and may the sound fairies deposit their sound goodness upon us all!

Alan C.
fourteen and a half years ago

Dawn, thanks so much for the comment! I thyink that\'s awesome that you listen to us while you weld. Anything cool you can tell us about?

Have gone to a bunch of this anime cons, I learned you\'re never too old or young to go. Besides that\'s never stopped others.

Thanks again for the comments! I\'m glad you\'re listening.