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Apr 26, 2006


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With the OG Crew!!!! ...recorded live on April 24th, 2006.

This week talked about video games, and with some of our favorite fans, and even Mick Aloha joined us this week for the podcasting chaos! Find out who was on, and download this weeks show!

Also the Podcast will be live and in-person at AnimeNEXT... we be recording our show live for coresponding wednesday, plus will be hosting a panel on podcasting. This will be a good chance to ask us all your podcasting questions in person.

We'd love to meet and hang out with any of our fans who can make it! Plus there might be some OG swag to give out... anyhow stay tuned for more information about OG live at AnimeNEXT

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over sixteen years ago

Lol I am hilarious. I wish I was a better guest. If you guys listen carefully my friend was yelling punjabi ( he said a bole or something). Intrestingly enough he was yelling the saying for dancing or go dance.

over sixteen years ago

>_< I fucking LOVE this show! I would like to hear more from the maharaja and saggy z together (moon masters spinoff???).
Osakan1 was asking about a site to buy snacks, the one I usually buy from is they have all sort of things (tabi ninja boots, green tea flavored kit kats, more flavors of pocky that you can shake a tentacle at, and I\'ve even seen a yaoi or two...)