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Feb 8, 2006


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With Matt Palmer cause it's all about Sake!!! ...recorded live on February 6th, 2006.

This week Matt Palmer helped us keep the guest curse broken!!! We talked about sake, the different types, what to look for, and even learned some history! This week it's all about the education... and duckholes... oh and Tuesday night. Come, listen, check it out, share a little sake with us, as we share ours!

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Gadget Reviews (with Tech Guru Todd)

  • iPod Nano Screen Issues
  • HDMI Baluns
  • Blackberry News
  • iPod Make Me Deaf
  • USB Memory STICK and I mean STICK
  • Blueado HTPC Model m5e
  • Quantum Link Online Service (retro online service of the week)
  • Online Videos to watch by Robin

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    eighteen and a half years ago

    Hey OG Crew,

    Just wondering, the latest episode cut out in iTunes at 1:50:58 in the middle of conversation. Was the actual show edited / posted that way, or should i download again?


    Alan Chaess
    eighteen and a half years ago

    Nope, the show was not cut that way. You can download the file directly here, off this website.

    Just look for the \"direct download\" link (at the top of the show notes) and right-click and \"save target as...\" or \"save linke as...\" whichever is relevant for your browser.